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Aunt Ruby's German Green Heirloom Tomato
This fruit is a family heirloom from Ruby Arnold of Greenville, Tennessee. Originally introduced to Seed Saver's Exchange in 1993.
This variety is surprisingly very juicy and very sweet weighing in at 1-2 lbs.
Excellent for fresh eating, cooking and especially good for juicing into green juices and smoothies.
A "must have" for every household that enjoys experimenting with new food additions and a great flavor find for juicing households.
Indeterminate vines produce throughout the season.
Fruit is fully ripe when still green with a slight yellow blush.
Matures in 85 days.


Brad's Atomic Grape

New introduction elongated large clusters of grape tomatoes.

The color and flavor is a full blown assault on the senses.


Big Rainbow Heirloom Tomato

Indeterminate vines bear stunning gold to scarlet very juicy  bi-colored

1-2lb fruits

82 Days


Black Cherry Heirloom Tomato

Indeterminate vines bear clusters of large dusky purple-brown fruits that have the rich sweet robust flavor that make black tomatoes famous

65 Days

Box Car Willie Heirloom Tomato

The 'Box Car Willie' Heirloom Tomato Plant produces delicious fruits weighing 10 to 16 ounces. The tomatoes are red in color with dark orange undertones, are extremely juicy, and have that good, old-fashioned flavor!
Matures 80 days


Brandywine Heirloom Tomato

Indeterminate potato leaf strong upright growing plants bear sweet luscious 14 oz average fruits in 2-3 fruit clusters. One taste you will be enchanted by its superb flavor & attractive color

85 days


Carnival Hybrid Tomato

Very prolific and delicious. Bears large quantities of 8 oz. beautifully shaped Beefsteak type fruits on rather short vines that require little staking. Excellent to grow in containers or in small gardens taking up minimal space.

Matures 68 days


Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato

Indeterminate very productive vines bear delicious dusky purple very large  fruits once grown by the Cherokee tribe

80 days


Great White Heirloom Tomato

These plants bear large quantities of beautiful white 1 lb super sweet very juicy tomatoes. Fully ripe when fruit develops a slight yellow blush on the blossom end. Excellent for slicing fresh cooked or a real bonus for juicing due to its' unique coloring, sweetness and abundance of juice!

Matures 83 days


German Johnson Heirloom Tomato

Indeterminate plants bear large quantities of well shaped meaty yet juicy fruits over a long season. Robust plants bear Pinkish-red 1- 11/2 lb

 fruits with few seeds. Good disease resistance.

76 days to Maturity

Indigo Apple Hybrid Tomato
Unique deep purple saladette tomatoes . Released in 2015 and is the only tomato variety that has anthrocyanin ( a flavonoid that is found in grapes) which is the health promoting compound that is in blueberries and is very high in antioxidants. Semi determinate plants require very little staking and grow great in containers. Looks gorgeous in salads and are a fun treat to eat fresh. Make a lovely contrast to other red, orange and yellow tomatoes. Kids love em!
Matures in 55 days


Kellogg's Breakfast Heirloom Tomato

Indeterminate vines bear huge 16 - 32 oz. fruits abundantly unique in its flavor, size and great color

80 days


Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Tomato

This Indeterminate variety was developed in Logan West Virginia in the 1930's by Marshall Cletis Byles, "Radiator Charlie", where it is rumored that he paid off his mortgage by selling his newly developed tomato plants for $1.00 a piece! It lives up to its ' legend, being a wonderfully large, extremely flavorful 1 lb pink crack free tomato. It has a great complex tomato flavor, rich and sweet.

Matures in 80 days


Orange Oxheart Heirloom Tomato

Indeterminate vines bear golden orange extra sweet luscious fruits weighing 1lb.

Heart shaped fruits are firm and juicy and are low acid and very productive.

80 days


Patio Hybrid Tomato

Dwarf 2' tall "little - no staking" very productive plants bearing well formed 4oz fruit on lovely shaped plants.

Great in containers 70 days

Pineapple Heirloom Tomato
Pineapple tomatoes are among the most popular of the heirloom tomatoes because of their beaut and unsurpassed taste. This bi-colored beefsteak produces large crops of 1-1 1/2 lb low acid very sweet fruits.


San Marzano Heirloom Tomato

Indeterminate vines bear loads of cylindrical fruits with a high flesh to see ratio making them the renown "paste" tomato valued by chefs the world over.

65 Days to Maturity


Sun Sugar Tomato Hybrid

Indeterminate vines bear large quantities of superbly flavored exquisitely sweet non cracking beautiful 1/2 oz. golden yellow "cherry" tomatoes. Excellent for growing in contaoiners and is cold tolerant.

60 days

Sugary Hybrid Grape Tomato
Sugary stands out as something special in the world of grape tomatoes. They are super sweet 2 oz. juicy and reddish pink . Bears huge yields of oval slightly pointed "grapes" continuously throughout the entire season. A  great variety to grow in containers!
Matures in 60 days.


Sweet 100 Hybrid Cherry Tomato

This cherry tomato is one of the best know cherry varieties. It bears extra long trusses of deep scarlet very sweet full flavored fruits. Extra delicious and has an abundant supply of vitamin C. Indeterminate vines bear all season. Grows large, but can be grown in a container right outside your door to pluck right off the vine and dropped into your salad or popped into your mouth.


Tumbling Tom Tomato Hybrid

Determinate small in stature large in flavor the ultimate container cherry tomato plant. Sweet fruits are borne abundantly throughout the season. Gracefully cascading over the sides of hanging baskets or container.

55 Days




This heirloom is a true delight. Once you get past its' "ugly duckling" exterior, this unsung frog prince of winter vegetables, you will be rewarded with a creamy white interior that is crisp and delicious, usable fresh or cooked. This vegetable is sometimes called turnip-rooted celery, knob celery or celery root. It is cultivated for its' edible roots. The tops look like short celery stalks and can be used for salads and soups as well. After mature roots, which usually measure 14cm in diameter, are harvested in late fall, they hold up very well for winter storage lasting six to eight months without loosing quality! Matures in 80 days.

Cucumber Salad Bush Hybrid
Want fresh full sized cukes? Don't have the space, try the bush type cucumbers. The miniature vines only grow about 2-3 feet long and produce a nice crop of 8" full sized fruits to enhance your salad. Enjoy delicious unwaxed, non pesticide spayed cucumbers right outside you door! Grow these in he garden or better yet, in a container on your deck or patio.
Matures in 57 days


Eggplant Fairy Tale

Lovely Japanese type producing 5" x 1" slender lavender striped fruits that are non bitter requiring no peeling. Cook up tender and delicious.

50 Days to maturity


Fennel Heirloom

Florence bulbing type delicious raw or cooked 90 days


Kale Lacinato Heirloom

Tuscan cold tolerant gourmet crop. Young shoots excellent for salads. Mature leaves are the gold standard for deep delicious kale greens flavor.

Decorative and abundant leaves look and grow great in containers.


Kale Russian Red

Cold Tolerant tender and mild kale flavor. 

Extremely decorative eye-catching burgundy color.

High in antioxidants 


Lettuce Heirloom Merlot 

Reputed to be absolutely the darkest red lettuce in existence, which should make it tops for anthocyanin (antioxidant) content as well! Leaf lettuce with wavy to frilly leaf margins and very crisp, waxy leaves! Excellent bolt resistance, and good cold tolerance for a late fall to winter crop.  55 days.



Sweet and mild onion relative gourmet addition to soups, stews and egg dishes. Famous for cream of leek soup. Thick juicy stems are great for steaming or grilling as a vegetable side. Compact growing plants produce thick deep green leaves that are decorative and take very little space in the garden.

75 days to maturity

Parsley Root
This heirloom vegetable has been grown for centuries throughout Europe. Has been used for its Parsley Tops to garnish soups and salads and its' roots have been used for cooked dishes and as an herbal tonic. The flavor of the root is between carrot and celery. Can be grown in open ground or in containers. This biennial can be harvested for roots anytime after late summer, if left in the ground, the roots can be dug out in early spring and used as a root veggie.
The leaves can be used at any time, the roots, after late summer.


Pepper Chocolate Beauty Heirloom

Abundant crops of large 3 - 4 lobed sweet blocky fruits starting green and maturing to a deep chocolate brown. Unique extremely sweet fruits when mature. Reliably cold tolerant.

70 days to maturity


Pepper Lady Bell

Uniform grower of reliably dependable abundant crops. The rich green fruits ripen to red and are a good grower in northern climates.

71 days to maturity


Pepper Sweet Banana Heirloom

Large pointed fruits measure 6 - 7" x 2" are mild and flavorful. Great for pickling or grilling. Fruits are a brilliant yellow maturing to a deep red.

72 days to maturity


Pepper Jalapeno

The jalapeno pepper plant is a member of the hot pepper family and shares company with other fiery hot varieties such as tobacco, cayenne and cherry.

May be served stuffed with seafood, meat, poultry or cheese.


Pepper Thai Very Hot

Extremely hot Asian variety essential in Thai cuisine.  This compact growing plant has extremely decorative blazing red fruits that are borne up facing making it an excellent variety for container gardens and an unusual plant for the flower border.

80 days to maturity


Pepper Valencia Orange

A vigorous grower of disease resistant richly colored orange intensely flavored peppers that have a flavor unmatched by others in the pepper world. Very heavy yielder.

70 days to maturity


Swiss Chard Bright Lights

Swiss chard is one of the worlds' healthiest foods. Delicious picked young for salads mature leaves and stems for steaming or sautéing. Grows under full sun to light shade conditions. Productive from spring to frost.

60 days to maturity



Goji Berry

Orange & Red berries

Vitamin & antioxidant rich 

Gallon Shrub



Sweet & Tart delicious Fruit

Gallon Shrub


Honeyberry Indigo Gem

Super fruit high in antioxidant and vitamin C

Cross pollinate with Honeyberry Treat

Gallon Shrub


Honeyberry Indigo Treat

Super fruit high in antioxidant and vitamin C

Cross pollinate with Honeyberry Gem

Gallon Shrub



Red tart fruit for jam, Pink flowers

Low growing Shrub

Gallon Shrub


Ground Cherry

Looks very similar to a tomatillo. Grows about 3 feet tall, and has lobed leaves about 4 inches long. The plant is grown mostly for its fruit, a small sweet sphere about the size of a cherry tomato, with the flavor of pineapple and tomato. 

The fruit grows inside a paper husk, just like a tomatillo. 

Fruits are ripe when the husk turns brown


Strawberry Rainbow Treasure

Ever bearing with red flowers



Basil Genovese Heirloom

Genovese is a variety of "sweet" basil that originated in Italy. It has the reputation for being the best variety for long cooking in that it does not become bitter. This plant is less likely to bolt which slows the production of leaves. This reputed variety makes the best pesto and "insalata caprese" which is the dish consisting of sliced tomatoes topped with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves.

Can be grown in containers to have this great herb right outside your doorstep. Can be potted to bring indoors to grow on a sunny window sill for winter use.

The leaves and flowers can be harvested at any time for fresh use. Annual.


Basil Red Rubin

Intensely flavored basil has a stronger flavor than sweet basil. Its' reddish purple leaves create a unique look in salads and performs well in gardens as well as patio containers. It makes a wonderful addition to herb as well as flower gardens.



Basil Perpetuo

Intense basil aroma & flavor

Decorative variegated leaves Annual


Basil Thai Siam Queen

Very tender and intensely flavored.  Highly aromatic licorice aroma is more stable at high or extended cooking temperatures than other basils. Used extensively in Thai and Asian cooking as well as Italian dishes.




Young leaves, having a light refreshing cucumber flavor, are used in salads and lemonade.  The highly decorative blue flowers are used as an edible garnish or can be candied to decorate cakes and fruit platters. Makes a great addition to the flower or herb border.




These tender tubular leaves have a flavor of delicate onion. It is delicious in salads, spreads and flavored vinegars. Used extensively in all forms of cuisine. Bears pretty lavender flowers in June imparting a lovely air to herb borders. Due to its' characteristic, it can be used effectively in the flower border as well. Great as an accent plant in vegetable and flower gardens, it is reputed to be a deterrent for rabbits.




This attractive low growing plant bears great quantities of small lightly fragrant daisy like flowers have a soothing aroma. Dried flowers are usually used to make a soothing tea. Also used in potpourri and dried arrangements. Has been used for centuries as a calmative bedtime drink.




This delicate culinary herb is used extensively in French cuisine and is one of the herbs de Provence. It has a light anise flavor and is great in salads and soups and makes a great addition to omelets.


This is one of the popular Mediterranean herbs which is commonly known as leaf coriander in Asia. It is widely employed in savory dishes in most parts of the world. The herb carries many of the notable plant derived chemical compounds that are known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties. Cilantro is quite similar to dill in terms of utility where both leaves as well as seeds can be used in cuisine.
All parts of this annual herb can be used, leaves, stems, flowers and seeds.
Dill Fern Leaf
In addition to providing aromatic seeds and foliage, dill will brighten your garden with its' yellow-green flowers in spring and fall. This herb is renown for its' use in dips, fish dishes, vegetable garnish and most famous of all, dill pickles. It is a warm season annual. With its slender stem and delicate leaves, it makes a good mid to back of border addition to your garden, floral as well as herb. This is one of the plants that you can grow to attract Swallowtail Butterflies. It is a butterfly favorite for nectar and larval food. Put in a few dill plants and see your garden become a butterfly haven!


Fennel Bronze

The anise flavored leaves and seeds are used in cooking and as an edible garnish in fruit and vegetable trays. Its light flavor is delicious added to fresh salads . Due to its' beautiful foliage it is used extensively as a decorative addition to the flower border acting as a tall backdrop to many low growing plants. It is also a great butterfly magnet drawing all species and especially the Black Swallowtail Butterfly which uses the plant for nectar as well as host for its young.



Horseradish Heirloom

This zesty hot root gives the grower a real treat in experiencing the true delightful bite that only fresh roots can bring. Your own freshly grated horseradish bears no resemblance to the harsh sometimes bitter commercially prepared product. Roots can be dug and used in fall or spring. Fresh young leaves make a delightful addition to salads. Roots can be grown in containers making for easy harvest.



Lavender Provence

This variety of Lavender is the true cooking herb being one of the "Herbes de Provence". The highly fragrant flowers are used to flavor lavender sugar. Also used to flavor ice cream, jelly or lavender short bread. Flowers are also picked and dried to make sachets and pomanders to deter moths and perfume linens. The highly decorative plants make a lovely addition flower and herb borders.



Lemon Grass

This fast growing lemon scented herb is used extensively in Oriental and Caribbean cuisine. The leaves make a delightful lemon tea, while the tender inner core is chopped and used to flavor Thai dishes.  Plants can be grown in containers and brought indoors to grow throughout the winter. This is a great mosquito repellant plant and pots of it can decorate your patio and keep you mosquito-less!

Tender Perennial

Lemon Verbena
Lemon Verbena is used to add a fresh lemon flavor and fragrance to fish and poultry dishes. Also used to make teas or added to standard teas to infuse its; fragrance and flavor. Can be used fresh in arrangements or dried in a potpourri to fill your rooms with fragrance.
A tender perennial sub shrub that can be brought indoors for winter enjoyment.



This old fashioned herb has been a standard in many English cottage gardens. The little known herb is very versatile with leaves that taste of both celery and anise. Can be used in soups, salads and stuffing. This interesting tall plant can be the backbone of herb or flower gardens. The mature plants bear clusters of off white flowers resembling Queen Anne's Lace. All parts of the plant are edible.



Marjoram Sweet

This rich sweet tasting herb is a gentle version of oregano. It  has a lighter, sweeter fragrance than oregano. More palatable when used fresh in green and tomato salads. Can be used interchangeably with standard oreganos in cooking.



Mint Mojito

Its' name is its' claim to fame. The delightful warm mint flavor is great for mulling in drinks. It also can be used in couscous, lamb dishes and soothing teas.


Oregano Greek
Oregano is related to mint and is native to the Mediterranean. It is widely used in all Mediterranean cuisine. It has become a staple in American and Mexican cooking as well. This hardy perennial plant makes a great addition to the herb garden and can be used as an edging for flower borders as well. It attracts beneficial butterflies and can be grown in containers to enhance the usefulness of your potted plants on your deck. The oreganos are most flavorful when picked before flowering and then dried for winter use. To use fresh just snip stems and add them whole to sauces and soups.


Oregano Hot and Spicy

This pungent spicy flavored oregano is the building block of Mexican dishes. It can also be used in recipes calling for regular oregano, just use with a lighter touch. Excellent in pizzas and spaghetti sauce.



Parsley Italian Flat Leaf

The lush flat leaves have a beautiful ferny appearance and it grows in mounded clumps which makes an attractive edging along an herb as well as flower border. The vitamin and nutrient leaves can be used in salad dressing, poultry, soups and as an ingredient in pesto. The flavor is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curly type. This is a plant to have if you want to attract the Swallowtail Butterflies. Its' leaves are used as food for the baby Swallowtail larvae.

You can pot some of these plants up for winter use


This is a native of the Mediterranean region. It has beautiful silvery needle shaped foliage and delicate blue flowers. All parts of the plant are edible. This beautiful plant makes a great potted herb for your patio garden. It can be grown indoors for all year use. It can be planted in the open ground, but is not winter hardy in our locale.
This Mediterranean herb is a wonderful addition to your perennial herb border. It returns year after year growing in beauty and stature. It has lovely deep blue flowers that bloom in June. Its' uses are many, its main use is in stuffing. It can be cut fresh and added to soups and sauces. Cut stems and dry for winter use for your Thanksgiving meal.
Perennial Sub Shrub.
Sage Pineapple
The leaves have a delicate pineapple flavor and fragrance. The attractive vigorous growing plants have pointed green leaves and have bright red flowers. The leaves and flowers have a sweet and fruity flavor. Can be used to garnish drinks, salads and desserts.


Savory Winter

This herb imparts a delightful spicy peppery flavor to dishes in which it is used. Most often used in roasts and bean dishes where its' assertive rich flavor can be appreciated. It s one of the ingredients in "Herbes de Provence". Makes a lovely low growing compliment to your flower or herb border.



Sorrell Red Veined

Use this tart flavored herb's young leaves fresh in salads where it imparts a light lemony tart flavor. Leaves are a great addition to soups the most famous being "French Sorrel Soup". The highly decorative leaves are a wonderful addition to your flower borders, rock gardens and container gardens. Often sold as a decorative perennial.




This tropical native has been used for centuries to sweeten teas and desserts. This non caloric sweetener is all the rage. It is not metabolized as a sugar thus making it diabetic friendly. It's sweetening ability is not compromised with drying, so it can be harvested, dried and used throughout the year.



Sweet Annie

This sweet scented plant has small green leaves with a slight silvery cast. The leaves and stems are used in making wreathes, bouquets and potpourri additions. Its sweet smell and lovely color persist throughout the season and in storage. Has been used for centuries as a moth deterrent and freshener for dressers and closets.



Sweet Woodruff

This herb's leaves and flowers have been used for centuries to flavor wine, teas and fruit drinks. The leaves and flower emit a delightful fresh fragrance that intensifies when dried. Often used in potpourris and sachets. This lovely plant makes a great ground cover for shady garden sites. It thrives in either dry or damp shade. Blooms white in May.


Thyme English
This variety is the most familiar, known as garden or German thyme. It is widely used in soups, stuffing, lamb dishes, "bouquet garni" and "fines herbes" .This is a must for most Mediterranean savory dishes.


Thyme Silver Edge

This attractive thyme is an essential ingredient in "Bouquet Garni" and "Herbes de Provence". A great herb for roasts, soups and chicken dishes. Its lovely gray green leaves are highlighted with silvery edges and edible lavender flowers, making it an idea compliment to your herb or rock garden.



Thyme Spicy Orange

This delightfully scented herb is a boon to chicken, fish and egg dishes. It is one of the ingredients in "Bouquet Garni" and "Herbes de Provence". Its' delightful orange scent and light spicy flavor are a great addition to your herb border. Its' low growing light green needle shaped leaves can withstand light foot traffic making it a wonderful plant to have along your walkway or trailing over a rock wall. The plant also has lovely pink flowers attractive to butterflies.


Thyme Variegated Lemon
This variety is one of the best thymes. The leaves taste as great as they smell. The leaves can be used wherever you need the taste of lemon in stuffing, soups, and teas. This beauty has great variegation of the leaves making a beautiful addition to your flower borders as well as the herb border. You can pot up a few plants and bring them indoors for a winter of freshness unsurpassed by any dry packaged herbs.
Perennial with lovely pink flowers.