Spring Valley Nature Club

Promoting Conservation, Nature and Environmental Education

Spring Valley  Nature Club Meeting

Nature Club meeting Wednesday October 4th 2017, 7:00 pm

Pickling Your Garden’s Bounty, Presented by: Donna Johnson, Master Gardener

Donna Johnson will have a hands-on demonstration on preserving your garden’s (or farm stand’s) bounty! No wasteful blanching, chilling and freezing! Learn how to put up pickled green beans, pumpkins, squash, overabundant cherry tomatoes, overgrown cucumbers, humongous watermelons and many other garden vegetables and fruits. Turn your over stock of veggies into this seasons welcome giftable. Relive summer memories with pickled watermelon rinds. Treat your Thanksgiving hostess with some pickled pumpkin, load up those winter weary hot dogs with homemade pickle relish! We will have samples of all kinds of lushes pickled wonders. Spring Valley will have “The Pickled Pantry” recipe books available so that you may have the easy to follow and great recipes to enjoy at home.


Questions? Contact Nature Club at; springvalleynatureclub@gmail.com or 847-985-2100