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Thank you to all who placed pre-orders with us, with the help of Spring Valley Nature Club volunteers we had a very succesful sale using "no contact" porch pickups and free home deliveries.

If you missed our sale, we still have many choice organically grown Tomato, Vegetable and Herb plants available.

Please contact us at

Custom Organically Grown Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Plants

During these challenging times where everything seems to be standing still, Spring Valley Nature Club would like to instill the hope of a better future. We are providing an opportumity to share a constructive activity that will ground the entire family in an educational, environmentally friendly and fun activity. You can become more self sufficient and provide yourself and family with wholesome fresh produce.

We all want to get back to normal and what better way is there then to plant a vegetable garden. As a benefit to the community we are having a Special Sale at the end of May, ideally at the Spring Valley Nature Center, however if the Nature Center is unable to open, we plan on having a no contact porch, curbside or parking lot pick-up at a designated location within Schaumburg IL.

We can offer free delivery with a $25 minimum order within 4 miles of Spring Valley. $25 minimum order 5 to 9 miles from Spring Valley add $15

With a $25 minimum order 10 to 15 miles from Spring Vallley add $25               No deliveries beyond 15 miles of Spring Valley Nature Center.

Print and fill out your order forms, include your check payable to Spring Valley Nature Club.

If you wish to pay electronically using Zelle, Venmo or Credit card, please contact us at

Mail to Donna Johnson SVNC, PO Box 68395, Schaumburg IL 60168.

Thank you for your support

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